Training Objectives

  • Chapter 499 Florida Statutes
  • Prescription terminology, abbreviations, dosages, and format.
  • State law and federal law relating to the distribution of dangerous drugs and dangerous devices;
  • State law and federal law relating to the distribution of controlled substances;
  • Quality control systems;
  • The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards relating to the safe storage and handling of drugs.

Sample Questions

1. Which activity is not authorized under a prescription drug wholesale distributor permit? 
  • distribution of complimentary drug samples 
  • selling to a licensed ship captain 
  • selling to a permitted charitable organization 
  • sending returns to a wholesale supplier

2. The safety of a drug returned to a prescription drug wholesale distributor is doubted by the certified designated representative. Which option is NOT available to the certified designated representative?

  • destroy the drug 
  • return the drug to stock 
  • return the product to its manufacturer 
  • test the product

3. What type of agreement must a purchasing wholesale drug distributor and a selling wholesale drug distributor enter into before a wholesale transaction occurs?

  • confidentiality 
  • cooperative 
  • fixed-price 
  • indemnity

4. Why must the outside perimeter of an establishment used for wholesale drug distribution be well-lighted?

  • for the protection of personnel working at the establishment 
  • in case the establishment takes delivery of prescription drugs after dark
  • to aid local law enforcement officials 
  • D. to help secure the establishment from unauthorized entry